ActiveWatches Featured in Dallas and Orange County Modern Luxury Magazines

July 21, 2010

Hey, ActiveWatches is getting more face time!  Check us out in the June edition of Dallas and Orange County Modern Luxury Magazines.  According to the author, “throw in some great search features, good prices and easy-to-navigate shopping, and [ActiveWatches is] one of our new faves.”  Hey, we couldn’t have said it better.  So go to and get your watch today!!!

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Garmin Has Arrived at ActiveWatches

July 8, 2010

The much anticipated day is here.  Garmin watches have finally arrived at  I know, I know…it took us awhile but they’re finally in stock.  We’re truly sorry for delay.  But it’s time (pun intended) to get over it and start shopping for them.  You can find our inventory of Garmin watches here.  Widely recognized as the best GPS watches, Garmin watches are perfect for any runner or cyclist.  Not only are they great GPS watches, but they have so many other unique features that you’ll ignore your iPhone for at least a few days.  Heck, they can do just about anything short of making pancakes for you.  Track your distance, elevation, speed, calories, heart rate, the sunrise/sunset time, direction, and much,  much more!  So get over to and order your Garmin watch today.

Congrats to AW4F on its Record Finish!

June 30, 2010

Congratulations to the “All Wheels for Fibromyalgia” team for its record finish in the Race Across America.  (You can read about ActiveWatches’ sponsorship of the team here.)  We could tell you all about it, but why not just watch it?!?!  Here’s a clip about the team, race, and their amazing finish:

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ActiveWatches’ Summer Sale: Time’s Running Out (No Pun Intended)

June 28, 2010

Time’s running out for ActiveWatches’ summer sale!!!   Get 20% off any watch on  It’s a great deal.  We swear.  Check it out yourself.  What’s the catch, you say?!  It only lasts until this Thursday, July 1st.  So you better hurry up and purchase your summer watch today!!!

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Runners World “How-To” Videos on GPS Watches

June 22, 2010

Runners World magazine recently produced a line of short web videos on how to use the new Garmin 110 GPS watch.  Although we don’t yet carry that watch (and we will soon), the videos are equally helpful for learning how to use other types of GPS watches.  Click here to view the videos.   As you’ll see, GPS watches these days are simple and easy-to-use.  So pick one up from today.

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ActiveWatches Featured in Chicago Social and Houston Social Magazines

June 21, 2010

Check us out in the June edition of Chicago Social and Houston Social Magazines!  We’ve been labeled as one of the magazine’s favorite shopping destinations.  With such an endorsement, you can’t go wrong purchasing a watch from  To see our profile in Chicago Social Magazine, click on this link and go to page 36.

The ActiveWatcher Now a Sponsor of Four NCAA Cycling Teams

June 13, 2010 is proud to sponsor four NCAA cycling teams!  That’s right, you read that correctly: not just one, but four.  (If The ActiveWatcher may say so, must be doing something right!) is sponsoring the cycling teams of Ohio State University, Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin, and Colorado University — the leading cycling organizations in the NCAA.  And you thought only runners were interested in our products.  Come see why these organizations are sponsored by  Visit the site today!

Barack Obama’s Other (Sports) Watch

June 10, 2010

The ActiveWatcher can’t resist the urge to comment on our U.S. President.  Don’t worry – we’re not turning The ActiveWatcher into a politics blog.  Rather, consistent with The ActiveWatcher’s unrelenting fanaticism with sports and active watches, we’re about to engage in a point-counterpoint about Mr. Barack Obama’s…..drum roll please…sports watch.  Yes, I know that was obvious to you, so save your breathe.

Much have been written by horologists (to the non-geeks out there, that’s the nerd term for those, like the ActiveWatcher, who have a passion for timekeeping devices) about Mr. President’s Tag-Heuer (not bad for a former community activist) and his more recent uber-limited edition U.S. Secret Service watch manufactured by Jorg Gray (it’s not that expensive; it reportedly costs about $300 in the Secret Service Store, wherever that’s located).

But the Head of Watch Style is cool enough to use…another drum roll please…wait for it…a sports watch during his off time.  You may have noticed it, like The ActiveWatcher did, during recent Presidential press briefings in Louisiana regarding the BP oil spill.  Take a look a look at the photos below.

For all those who are now snoring, behold the classic horologist riddle: Which sports watch is Mr. President wearing?  As expert as the ActiveWatcher is, we just haven’t been able to get close enough to the President to answer the question.  And unbelievably, our calls to the White Press Secretary have yet to be returned.  We’re crossing our fingers.

A meticulous forensic investigation (i.e., by simply looking at the images below), the ActiveWatcher has concluded that the sports watch the President has been wearing is an early version of the Nike Oregon.  (It is not a Timex as some has reported.)  Exhibit A: the round, silver bezel.  Exhibit B: the extension of the round bezel out of one corner of the watch face is a unique characteristic of some of the older versions of the Oregon.  Just compare the watch above with the Nike Oregon below.

But The ActiveWatcher isn’t too ashamed to admit that it hasn’t been able to find an identical match.  So it welcomes the ActiveWatches community to add its two cents.  Anyone that identifies the correct watch, and provides substantial evidence, will receive a generous watch discount from ActiveWatches.  Just e-mail your findings to

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ActiveWatches Now a Proud Sponsor of AW4F

June 6, 2010

ActiveWatches is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the “All Wheels for Fibromyalgia” (AW4F) team in their quest to win the famous Race Across America (RAAM), which begins on June 12th.  RAAM is one of the toughest cycling events in the United States, spanning 3,000 miles and 15 states, from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland.   About 40 teams will vie to become the first to reach Annapolis, including AW4F.  However, AW4F’s  goal goes beyond simply winning, but includes raising national awareness for fibromyalgia.  ActiveWatches is proud to contribute to their efforts.  Click here to learn more AW4F, RAAM, ActiveWatches’ sponsorship, and/or to make your own donation to the team’s cause.

The ActiveWatcher and the rest of the ActiveWatches team gives the AW4F’s members a pat on the back and wish them good luck.  As champions in the race’s four-person category in 2009, we feel pretty darn good about the team’s prospects.  Can someone say “REPEAT CHAMPIONS”?!?!

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ActiveWatches’ Summer 2010 Sale is On — 20% Off!!!

May 31, 2010

The official start of summer means only one thing — the official start of your active season.  So it’s time to upgrade your active gear by purchasing a new watch through ActiveWatches’ summer 2010 sale!  Log-on to to get 20% off any of our watches.  Just enter SUMMER2010 at checkout.

Whether it’s getting in shape, looking fit, feeling great — there are endless number of reasons to get active this summer.  And there’s no doubt a watch will help you do that (as if I had to remind you).  Log-on today.  This offer will expire before you realize this active season’s over (July 1, 2010).

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