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Time Geek Tip #1 – Interval Timers

May 3, 2010

Question: I often do repeat/interval workouts.  That involves running very hard for a specified period of time, say three minutes, and cooling down for a shorter period of time, say one minute.  Can I program my watch to track these times?  In other words, how do I get my watch to tell sound an alarm after three minutes and then sound another one after one minute, and repeat this process continuously?

Answer: Yes, you can program your watch to track two different times, but only if your watch is equipped with an “interval timer” (also referred to as a “dual timer”).  Most basic digital sports watches have an interval timer, which allows you to enter and track two separate exercise times.

Let’s use a Timex watch as an example (mainly because The ActiveWatcher himself uses a Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Lap when running his own interval workouts).  Press the “MODE” button until you get to “INTTMR,” which is short for Interval Timer.  Press the “+ / -” buttons to set the desired exercise time for the first interval and then push the “NEXT” button.  Press the “+ / -” buttons to select “REPEAT AT END.”  Once you see “INT 1” (interval #1), press the “+ / -” buttons to change to “INT 2” (interval #2).  Use the “+ / -” buttons again to set the desired exercise time for the second interval.  Finally, press “DONE” to complete the setting process.  All major watch brands follow a similar, if not identical, process.  Now go get active.

Many of the watches on have an interval time.  Check ’em out for yourself.  Many are reasonable in price.  As usual, if you have any questions about interval timers or any of the watches on ActiveWatches, feel free to e-mail The ActiveWatcher at

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