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Congrats to AW4F on its Record Finish!

June 30, 2010

Congratulations to the “All Wheels for Fibromyalgia” team for its record finish in the Race Across America.  (You can read about ActiveWatches’ sponsorship of the team here.)  We could tell you all about it, but why not just watch it?!?!  Here’s a clip about the team, race, and their amazing finish:

The ActiveWatcher

Advertisements Now a Sponsor of Four NCAA Cycling Teams

June 13, 2010 is proud to sponsor four NCAA cycling teams!  That’s right, you read that correctly: not just one, but four.  (If The ActiveWatcher may say so, must be doing something right!) is sponsoring the cycling teams of Ohio State University, Georgetown University, University of Wisconsin, and Colorado University — the leading cycling organizations in the NCAA.  And you thought only runners were interested in our products.  Come see why these organizations are sponsored by  Visit the site today!

ActiveWatches Now a Proud Sponsor of AW4F

June 6, 2010

ActiveWatches is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the “All Wheels for Fibromyalgia” (AW4F) team in their quest to win the famous Race Across America (RAAM), which begins on June 12th.  RAAM is one of the toughest cycling events in the United States, spanning 3,000 miles and 15 states, from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland.   About 40 teams will vie to become the first to reach Annapolis, including AW4F.  However, AW4F’s  goal goes beyond simply winning, but includes raising national awareness for fibromyalgia.  ActiveWatches is proud to contribute to their efforts.  Click here to learn more AW4F, RAAM, ActiveWatches’ sponsorship, and/or to make your own donation to the team’s cause.

The ActiveWatcher and the rest of the ActiveWatches team gives the AW4F’s members a pat on the back and wish them good luck.  As champions in the race’s four-person category in 2009, we feel pretty darn good about the team’s prospects.  Can someone say “REPEAT CHAMPIONS”?!?!

The ActiveWatcher