Recommended On-Line Watch Resources (other than the ActiveWatcher of course)

The ActiveWatcher isn’t narcissistic when it comes to watch blogs.  I may refer to myself in the third person, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great blogs and websites out there about sports watches.  As much as the ActiveWatcher wishes it’s the only watch authority in town, the dawn of the information age changed all that — a bit of double-edged sword: we’re in business thanks to the Internet, but so are a ton of others.

With that said, the ActiveWatcher presents…(insert drum roll here)…its list of favorite watch websites and blogs, other than the ActiveWatcher of course (no bias there):

DC Rainmaker ( This blog is perhaps the next best thing to having the ActiveWatcher in your living room.  Don’t let his post about just recently getting engaged fool you.  The author is a hard-core triathlete and trust me when I say that this guy knows his s$*!   Just check out his reviews on almost every Garmin watch imaginable.  Perhaps the most in-depth and detailed reviews on the face of this Earth.  In addition to his reviews, he gives useful guidance on watch operation in his many articles on just about anything related to triathlons.  But if you’re looking for reviews for watches besides Garmin, this may not be best the place.  Nevertheless, the site gets four out of four sports watches in my book.

Running Watch Review ( Another good on-line source for watch reviews.  And unlike DC Rainmaker, this website’s breadth reaches beyond just Garmin watches, but includes Timex, Nike, and Polar.  Like other websites and blogs worth their salt, the Running Watch Review also provides useful articles on watches, whether it’s about how to use a watch or what to look for when buying a watch.  On the negative side, the watch reviews come off as a bit sterile, with nowhere near the amount of detail and experience reflected in DC Rainmaker’s reviews.

The Sports Watch Informant ( This site is cool not only because it uses “The” in front of its name like the ActiveWatcher, but also because it lives up to its name of informing watch connoisseurs on the latest developments in the sports watch industry.  Just check out the site and you’ll see articles and reviews on the some of the most cutting-edge watches and associated technology.  If I’m not mistaken, The Sports Watch Informant even broke the news on the Timex Global Trainer watch, the best thing since GPS technology and chocolate cookie dough.  One potential criticism is that the articles can be overly technical, although that’s great for the watch and tech geeks like the ActiveWatcher.  In addition, some of the reviews can come off as the latest advertisement from your local Ford dealer, but are nonetheless substantive and useful.

That’s it for now folks.  Let the ActiveWatcher know if you come across any other websites or blogs that are ActiveWatcher-worthy.

The ActiveWatcher


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