Heart Rate Monitors – Part 2.1

Here’s a quick update on The ActiveWatcher’s series of posts on heart rate monitors.   Great Q&A article from Active.com on working out with a heart rate monitor (HRM).  You can find the article here.  The gist: an HRM is an effective tool for controlling your level of exertion, thereby enabling you to save some energy for later portions of the workout.  Also note the article’s use of the term “zone” – a fancy way of saying that your heart is beating within a certain range, with Zone 1 having the lowest range and Zone 5 having the highest.  For example, The ActiveWatcher’s Zone 1 range is between 94 and 109 beats per minute (bpm) and The ActiveWatcher’s Zone 5 range is between 156 and 172.


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One Response to “Heart Rate Monitors – Part 2.1”

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