Swiss Army vs. Wenger…Let the Games Begin

The ActiveWatcher has finally decided to weigh-in on the age-old battle between two Swiss companies: Victorinox and Wenger.  For the record, both originally supplied knives to the Swiss Army.  And both long ago decided to parlay their expertise and brand strength into watches.  Not a bad move.  Each now have one of the most recognized watch brands in the world.

Victorinox is perhaps the company that most people identify as the “Swiss Army” brand.  Heck, even the ActiveWatches website refers to the Victorinox brand as “Swiss Army.”  But for the record, Wenger is also a manufacturer of authentic swiss knives and watches.  And another fact for the record: Victorinox now owns Wenger, although the two operate as separate companies.  So the debate may still rage on.  Especially because clear, yet subtle, distinctions exist between the two brands.

Victorinox watches have a reputation for durability and reliability.  And the company no doubt continues to manufacture watches that will last an eternity.  Are you hiking Everest this summer?  Then a Victorinox is your go-to watch.  And the icing on the cake: they’ve got great functions and look sophisticated.  But for those with an affinity for technology and fashion, Swiss Army may leave you hanging.  Another downside: Victorinox watches are all solely analog.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Hey, if you’re a traditionalist like The ActiveWatcher, all of the characteristics that make Victorinox watches one of the best in world are a perfect recipe for a favorite timepiece.

Cue the Wenger watches.  They fill the void left open by Victorinox.  Take a look at any Wenger watch an you can see that Wenger dedicates a lot of resources to the appearance of its watches.  Many are colorful, sharp, and simply fashionable.  And they’ve also taken a leap towards the new millennium by incorporating digital technology into their analog watches.  Case in point: Wenger’s new Nomad, an analog-digital hybrid watch with a compass feature.

Of course, there’s no right answer here; it comes down to personal preference.  So see for yourslf which watch brand you prefer by visiting

The ActiveWatcher


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8 Responses to “Swiss Army vs. Wenger…Let the Games Begin”

  1. Kathlene Sebers Says:

    Whats up I have been following your blog for the past month and it is good stuff, do you have a RSS feed?

    • The ActiveWatcher Says:

      We do now! Ask and you shall receive. A new RSS feed link has been inserted into the right-hand side of The ActiveWatcher blog page. Thanks for asking Kathlene and hopefully subscribing. The ActiveWatcher also hopes others will do so.

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