The Inaugural Post

Welcome to the inaugural post for the ActiveWatches Blog — appropriately named the “ActiveWatcher.”  The ActiveWatcher is written for sports watch enthusiasts, active individuals, individuals seeking information about sport watches, and anyone else simply curious about sport watches.  (Yes, there are other gadgets to talk about besides smartphones and e-readers.)

The ActiveWatcher understands how complex sports watches have become and, thus, its mission is to demystify some of that complexity.  Through regular blog posts, the ActiveWatcher will regularly post blog entries on how to use sport watches, how they work, how they can benefit you, and other issues relevant to sport watches — no matter how simple or esoteric.  Think of the ActiveWatcher as your personal assistant for all your sport watch needs.

Because this is the ActiveWatcher’s first post, let’s get some housekeeping items out of the way.  First and foremost, a disclosure: the ActiveWatcher is owned and operated by ActiveWatches, a website that sells sports watches.  Nevertheless, the ActiveWatcher will provide information objectively and accurately.  This means that ActiveWatches’ commercial relationships will not affect the content of this blog.  This rule applies even if the ActiveWatcher is reviewing a product it sells or a brand it carries.  (And if you like the information we provide in the ActiveWatcher, we shamelessly ask you to visit our website at and purchase a watch.)

Second, the ActiveWatcher is authored by active individuals.  This means we actually use the watches, or at least the types of watches, discussed in the ActiveWatcher.  In other words, we really know (and love) sport watches and want to extend that knowledge to you.

Finally, we want to be as responsive as possible to you and the rest of the ActiveWatcher community.  So if you have a question or want the ActiveWatcher to address a specific issue, feel free to e-mail us at

The ActiveWatcher


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  1. Insanity Says:

    Great information here. Thanks for sharing again!

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